Our Mission

Annel & Drew's Kitchen is committed to producing the best quality hand made food using the finest, local, organic ingredients. We strive to support the local economy and build lasting relationships within the community while bringing families together and getting people in touch with their food sources.

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What’s Happening

Taste the love! All items on our menu are made from locally grown, organic produce. Our food waste is used as compost to produce soil at the Paul Ecke Central School garden program where the students have a hands on learning experience. Check out their progress here.


Leucadia Farmer's Market
Paul Ecke Elementary School
185 Union St.
Encinitas, CA 92024
Sundays (10-2)


img_8491Drew is an Intuitive Energy Healer, Entrepreneur, Transformation Facilitator, Whole Foods Chef and lover of life.  He is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and has worked from New York, Las Vegas to San Diego before teaming up with his incredible wife Annel. Everywhere along the way, Drew learned the importance of creating food with a desire, passion, and respect for the ingredients along with the practice of sustainable farm to table cuisine.


img_8485Annel was born in Mexico City, raised in Morelia, Michoacan and comes from a family of restaurateurs. She was immersed early on into the kitchens of her family establishments where she developed the work ethic necessary to succeed in a competitive environment.  Annel has spent most of her life working in or around the restaurant business and her motto is “do it with love, passion and intention or don’t do it at all.”  She will never give up on anything until it meets her standards.

Annel & Drew are passionate about nourishing individuals on a cellular level with food prepared using locally sourced ingredients made with love and intention to feed the mind, body, spirit and soul.

Businesses We Support

The Meat Men: http://meatmenstore.com
Spring Hill Cheese: www.sandiegocheese.com
Rancho del Sol: www.ranchodelsolorganics.com
Smit Orchards: www.smitorchards.com
Sadie Rose Baking Co: www.sadierose.com
San Diego Coffee Tea & Spice: www.sandiegocoffee.com
Cardamom Cafe: www.cardamomsandiego.com
The Morning Star Ranch: www.themorningstarranch.org
SonRise Ranch: www.son-riseranch.com
Schaner Farms: 760-749-9376
Blue Heron Farms: www.blueheronfarmbandb.com
Sweet Tree Farms: http://sweettreefarms.com

Hear what others have to say about Annel & Drew’s Kitchen:

“Drew & Annel are one of San Diego’s hottest, most innovative young culinary teams. They have bypassed the traditional restaurant path with Annel & Drew’s Kitchen and have already developed a cult following that includes myself. The combination of Drew’s stellar resume including his CIA training and working under some of the best chefs around, and their mix of addictive offerings like the Cuban sandwich, grilled artichoke, and spectacular salads in a laid back farmers market environment is something to experience. I would highly suggest checking them out.”
–David Boylan, Lick the Plate Columnist, Coast News

“There’s a reason for the crowds around Annel and Drew’s Kitchen … it’s the fabulous food! I’ve been hooked since my first Cuban sandwich (they’re addictive), and have since tried the Spiedie, the veggie salad, and another of my favorites, the grilled artichoke. They’re all freshly made with local produce by Annel and Drew, and the experience makes an afternoon at the farmer’s market such a pleasure!”
–Laura, Encinitas CA

The food from Annel and Drew’s kitchen has quickly become the best part of my Sunday afternoon. The veggie salad is my favorite because each week the salad is slightly different and topped with the best quality seasonal vegetables. I’ve had amazing asparagus, zucchini, eggplant, heirloom tomatoes, rainbow radishes, cauliflower, and crisp, slightly sweet jicama just to name a few. I love the variety of flavors and freshness. I’m so excited they are cooking on Saturday now, I will be stopping by to pick up Saturday dinners very soon.
–Allison, Cardiff by the Sea CA