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Annel & Drew's Kitchen is committed to producing the best quality hand made food using the finest, local, organic ingredients. We strive to support the local economy and build lasting relationships within the community while bringing families together and getting people in touch with their food sources.

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Taste the love! All items on our menu are made from locally grown, organic produce. Our food waste is used as compost to produce soil at the Paul Ecke Central School garden program where the students have a hands on learning experience. Check out their progress here.


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Paul Ecke Elementary School
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2015 Body Reboot Challenge!

January 1st, 2015 by Drew

The New Year is here and if you are ready to truly Transform Your Body & Health check this out…..

You absolutely deserve to look and feel amazing in 2015! How would you feel if you had a proven system in place to create success for yourself? 

Get the results that you want, with no confusion around what to eat, without spending endless hours in the kitchen, living in the gym and restricting yourself! Our team has coached thousands of people to success using the Super Food Nutrition systems we work with and we are taking things to a whole different level with our current group challenge!

We are hosting an educational series that is going to be covering the TOP Strategies to creating vibrant health & a fit body for the New Year. The teleconference classes will be hosted by an amazing group of Holistic Health Coaches. You’ll have access to handouts and group challenges in tandem with the Super Food Nutrition System that you order. Because of high demand we have actually pushed back the deadline to Jan 4th!!!

Learn more at BodyRebootChallenge.com

Order this week and receive Free Shipping!!!!


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