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Annel & Drew's Kitchen is committed to producing the best quality hand made food using the finest, local, organic ingredients. We strive to support the local economy and build lasting relationships within the community while bringing families together and getting people in touch with their food sources.

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Taste the love! All items on our menu are made from locally grown, organic produce. Our food waste is used as compost to produce soil at the Paul Ecke Central School garden program where the students have a hands on learning experience. Check out their progress here.


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Spring Cleaning

March 20th, 2013 by Drew

It’s amazing how nature always gives us what we need at each specific time of the year and if we listen to our bodies, they too will tell us what we need.

In the Summer, you have more cooling foods like cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, even chilies make you sweat which is a way for your body to cool itself down.

In the Fall and winter we are given more root vegetables, hard squash, and things that we cook to warm us up and for meat eaters, you may eat more animal products as your body instinctively requests to put on more fat to keep you warm in the winter.

After the winter has passed, what happens?  The damp and warm weather of Spring bring more greens, grasses, berries and detoxifying foods. This is because, we’ve packed on extra fat to keep us warm in the Winter, fat holds toxins and since it’s getting warmer, we no longer require the fat and we never desire excess toxins as it is.  Dandelions are another detoxifying plant that never fails to pop up all over the place in the Spring time.  Most of us look at them as annoying weeds that you can never get rid of, but they are super good for you and have been known to detoxify and assist in killing cancer cells.  Dandelion greens are great to add to a salad or your favorite homemade juices. Find them at the Suzie’s Farm booth at you local Farmers Market along with many other goodies.

You cannot mess with Mother nature and our primal instincts, so listen to both and start your Spring Cleaning this month to push out the excess build up from the winter and start fresh, renewed and clear to take on the coming warmer months.


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